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Wallpaper Miami Wallpaper Store Miami Wallcovering Miami. #1 Miami Wallpaper Store

Wallpaper Miami. #1 Miami Wallpaper Store

Wallpaper Miami Wallpaper Store Miami Wallcovering Miami. #1 Miami Wallpaper Store Wallcoverings.

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The wallpaper Wallcoverings appeared in China, as a decorative element, approximately two hundred years before Christ. It was rudimentarly produced with rice paper, totally white, so without any kind of decorative detail.

Later, the Wall Paper began to be produced with the vegetal parchment, gaining colors and reasons. The paper paintings were handmade by craftsmen, and then came the decorative wooden stamps, which were soaked in ink to print the drawings. The strips resulting from this work were then glued to the walls, replacing the originals that adorned the palaces of mandaris and wealthy merchants.

Europe came to have more contact with China from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and the wall paper appeared on the European continent by the hands of Arab merchants, who learned from the Chinese their production. Wallpapers & Wall Coverings were used to decorate part of the walls, windows and doors, replacing the screens and tapestries.

Up to 1500, there were limited variations of Chinese-themed wallpapers & Wall coverings in Europe; hence the term Chineseisserie. With the arrival of Italian Renaissance artists in France, at the invitation of Francis I, came the totally European standards. However, the leaves were still too small and the quality of reproduction medium; all at a very slow pace of production.

In 1630, the first wall paper & Wall covering factory, Papel-Toutisses, was inaugurated in Roven, France.

In 1675 the French engraver Jean Papillon applied the same principle used in the engraving: the passage of the drawings into blocks of wood, also allowing the use of color without technical restrictions. Colorful and cheap, the wallpapers & Wallcoverings were used in purses, giving rise to a fashion that definitely became popular in the eighteenth century. At the time, the French royal house was the one that least spared the wallpaper when decorating its palaces: Louis XI ordered angels on blue background of Jean Bourdichon; Louis XV demanded roles influenced by the rococo to Jean Pillement; and Luis XVI abandoned the Chineseisserie, decreeing papers with romantic or classic motifs.

In 1770, a wallpaper & Wall covering and flocking factory was inaugurated in Paris.

In 1870, Juan Zuber installed in the French commune of Rixheim a wall paper & Wallcoverings factory that worked until 1939, in which dye printing techniques were perfected. The Zuber factory also launched the first roll with more than four linear meters of ready-to-use wallpaper.

"Artichoke" Wallpaper, from John Henry Dearle to William Morris & Co., 1897 (Victoria and Albert Museum).

In 1634, England began its production in Cambridge. The first multicolored papers were printed in 1750. In 1783 the so-called Royal Manufactory employed about four hundred artisans. The Chippendale, inspired by the French rococo, became the best-selling and sought-after paper in London, but it was very varied. In 1814 came the printing machine, created by Konig, innovating and improving the papermaking process. Konig's machine accurately sprinkled cotton and silk fibers on the still fresh paint, resulting in transparency and overlapping with embossed patterns. Thus came the so-called flock. Queen Victoria had the walls of Hampton Court lined with the flock for her honeymoon with Prince Albert.

The progressive industrialization ended up causing a fall in the artistic quality. William Morris, founder of the Arts & crafts movement, favored a return to craftsmanship, elevating artisans to artists and thus avoiding cheap industrial manufacture of decorative arts and architecture. Morris would take advantage of the cheerful and floral patterns of the chintze (a fabric used in curtains and furniture covers) by applying them to the paper. The results were so bad that today the English use the expression chintzy to refer to everything that is in bad taste.

The mix between patterns and brackets drove the industry, which Morris fought, to throw the paper for children and the washable. English firms of the time, such as Jeffrey and Company or Shand Kydd, became famous.

In Brazil, wallpaper & Wallcovering appeared due to strong European immigration in the late nineteenth century. However, until 1930, the import of this product was small, due to the high costs, and then forgotten for years. In 1960, with the modernization of Brazilian industry and with the reduction of costs, paper became a popular decorative wall covering.

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#1  Wallcovering Miami Wallpaper Store Wallpaper Stock Miami

Wallcovering.#1 Wallcovering Miami Wallpaper Store Stock Miami

1. Maximalism wallpaper Wallcoverings trends 2021

Maximalism is back in style for 2021, and we anticipate this bold look is here to stay. In bold contrast to the sober, this scheme reveals the wild side of the design world. A striking mix of leopard prints, pleats and quilts, as well as stars, stripes and metallic skins demonstrate that more can be more.

2. Flowers Wallpaper Wallcovering trends 2021

Flowers are a big novelty 2021 for interiors and can be adapted to any space, whether vintage, retro or contemporary. These new seasonal designs have raised the style stakes and make it easy to integrate beautiful flowers into your decor. Start by thinking about the color. The palette you choose will guide your decisions about choosing floral designs and serve as the basis for putting your scheme together. When working on floral prints in your home, consider the scale of the flowers in the designs. Large prints can make small rooms even smaller, so stick to more refined designs to create an illusion of space. A tapestry of medicinal plants in bloom, this design focuses on a floral and ferns. Designed by British artist Natasha Coverdale, Electric Poppies is one for "snuggling up to a good book," Lick advises.

3. New chintz wallpaper Wallcoverings trends 2021

More than ever, we are drawing inspiration from the past to influence the present. It is often noted that we are stepping back to bygone eras in times of uncertainty, and this certainly rings true for the new chintz trend. After all, creating a decorating scheme is a lot like a love story, and it is certainly as much about the heart as it is about the head. Fortunately, the new chintz look is all about sophistication and style. Full of movement, color and exuberance, the Graham & Brown Wallpaper of the Year 2020: Bloomsbury Neo Mint celebrates the highly influential creative production of the Bloomsbury Set - a group of intellectuals, philosophers, artists and d friends who lived and worked the first half of the 20th century. “A radical departure from traditional Victorian and Edwardian decor, the group's liberated modern style became extremely influential in the decades that followed,” says Paula Taylor, color and trend specialist at Graham & Brown.

4. Bold palettes wallpaper Wallcovering trends 2021

The colors also went the same with neutrals moving away from gray (dare we say it) and moving more to warmer tones to invite brown furniture to return. Don't be afraid to combine different models. `` Mix classic patterns like stripes or flowers with exotic styles like ikats and Turkish kilims. Avoid making the space too crowded by choosing patterns in colors that complement each other, ”says Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin.

5. The best of nature wallpaper Wallcovering trends 2021

Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, and it will only intensify in 2021. An increased awareness of the finiteness of our natural resources has led to an increased desire to repair, reuse and recycle. Visible repairs are celebrated and emphasized, and durable, natural and woven materials are championed. Bolder greens also take over from midnight blue, bringing the biophilic trend of wellness through plants and foliage. Any reference to the introduction of the exterior will have an impact on well-being with the ever-growing vegetal trend, ”explains Maryanne Cartwright, Design Manager at Graham & Brown.

6. Graphics wallpaper Wallcovering trends 2021

The New Year will bring us all to seek safety and structure in the midst of chaos. A growing need to impose systems of order and control in all facets of life, from wellness trends to dating apps, has seen increasing popularity for streamlined and structured design. Interiors referencing elementary geometric arrangements, subtle reliefs in relief and monochrome palettes channel the comfort found in patterns and routine.

7. Archiving wallpaper Wallcovering trends 2021

A turbulent environment of political and social unrest has led to a burning desire for role models that reflect values ​​of authenticity, humanity and reliability. Handicrafts and heritage creations are celebrated and familiar natural patterns are favored.

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