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Curtain concept

Curtain etymologically comes from the Latin "curtain" and means veil. The curtains are, therefore, those things that prevent seeing, feeling or hearing other things or situations, hiding them totally or partially.

In homes, curtains are used to cover doors or windows, and thus prevent excessive passage of sunlight, keeping the environment cool in summer and retaining warmth in the winter; or by preventing external observation, preserving the privacy of its occupants, or impeding the entry of insects. They are of different designs and textures, generally of cloth, being also, an element of ornamentation, that is combined in its tonalities with the rest of the furniture, and with the color of the walls.

The bathroom curtains are used so that when bathing the water is contained within the bath, or the cubicle intended to contain it.

There is also talk of smokescreens, which can really allude to the effect produced by smoke so as not to let see through it, frequently used in wars to hide from the enemy; or metaphorically, how this expression was used in the American film that bears that name, released in 1997, to refer to certain facts that mask real situations, or the true intentions of someone.

The musical curtains are those used to establish pauses in the reading of texts, or in radio or television programs, as a way to separate actions, or parts and give a break to the listener.

It also designates the residue that remains in the glasses, after consuming wine.

More about Curtain

For many it is simply a detail to filter the passage of light, but the truth is that the curtains are a great decorative element, which also fulfill this useful function. A component that can not be missing in any house or apartment.

The treatment given to a window can change and improve the appearance of any room. The curtains not only provide privacy, but are also essential when it comes to saving energy by keeping the environment cool or warm depending on the time. They can also be a genuine tool in decoration: for example, to generate an effect of greater width of a window or to hide some type of imperfection. When the ceiling is too low, it can be disguised by placing the curtains as close as possible to the ceiling and thus appear higher.
Making your own curtains is a wise and cheaper way to get exactly what you want from the design point of view. The process is quite simple and does not require too much skill to sew them. Many times the curtains that are already made, do not cover all the requirements, either for the sizes or the designs, and this confronts us with many limitations when choosing. Choosing the fabric for the curtains also allows making cushions or covering a chair with the same material.

A good idea is to combine the color, design or texture of the curtains with a piece of furniture or another object in the decoration so that it does not become overwhelming and too repetitive. With customized curtains, it can also be ensured that the covering of all the windows of the house has some continuity, so that there is a homogeneous look when viewed from the outside.

Aesthetic and practical criteria

When dressing windows, aesthetic and practical criteria must be combined, since the amount of light we wish to maintain and the dimensions of the room must determine the choice. A recommended option is to superimpose several curtains and accessories. This traditional formula allows to adjust the luminous intensities and also guarantees the final result. The great innovation consists of alternating textures and materials that were previously unthinkable.
Thus, it is possible to resort to the classic union of the curtain and the curtain that moves away from the white and smooth model to be animated with more daring colors and coordinated prints. The advantage of this combination is that the curtain does not substantially reduce light, but it preserves the domestic privacy of the eyes of others.

There are several ways to dress the windows of a house to give them their own personality: with coordinated prints, with lined galleries, combining curtains and blinds.
Depending on the style of the curtains, different and original environments can be created. The classic double curtains, are left behind, leaving room for modern or Chinese style, with one-piece roller blinds (blinds) whose mechanism is simpler and more hygienic.

Roman shades are similar to blinds. They are vertical, smooth curtains that fold vertically forming an accordion by means of horizontal rods, sewn at regular intervals inside the fabric. The mechanism is operated by a cord.

The sliding curtains that are hooked by rings and deploy to the sides, are the classic ones that have been used at all times.
The choice of the fabric will be based on the type of curtain that has been chosen. It should be considered that there are fabrics in various compositions and styles. For curtains to wind, for example, hard fabrics like canvas, linen, thick cotton. The curtains of barral, admit any type of fabric. The variety of fabrics for curtains includes brocades, linen, voile, organza, velvet. The most important thing to know if a fabric is suitable for making curtains is its fall, that is, its weight, the way in which the fabric hangs from the air, the fall must be soft and natural. Many fabrics made with artificial fibers are very resistant but tend to be stiff and are not suitable for curtains.

In the end, what really determines the style of the curtains is the pucker, the way to hang them and the chosen support. A side finished in waves and braided cord clamp, reinforce the classic and sober air.

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