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Drapery concept

Functions, uses, materials and the importance of curtains and draperies, a fundamental part of the decoration to dress the different environments

Drapery play a fundamental role in any environment. One of its functions is to prevent strange looks from abroad spying our home inside. Another is to regulate the entry of sunlight. On a warm spring morning we could open the Drapery of the room to let in natural light but at the time of the siesta, we may prefer to close them.

The Drapery are great allies because they adapt easily to the changes that may be in our house. For example, in the face of a temporary disorder, which without us realizing it has gradually gained space, we can simply close the Drapery to hide it and make everything return to its harmonious state.

Drapery and types of fabrics
Drapery in the bedroom

Models and sizes of Drapery exist in abundance in the market. Depending on the type of fabric, its pattern, its colors and resistance to sunlight, will be its cost. There are fabrics that have good resistance to the relentless solar action but others do not. The latter will be less durable, because they will lose their original colors little by little and become opaque. Then the need to replace or change our Drapery to not lose harmony in the decoration will arise.

In case you want to make a set of Drapery to our liking and for our own account, we must not forget that the choice of the fabric is the most important aspect. Although, we could find an enormous diversity of fabrics, we must remember that not all are suitable for Drapery. At this stage it is important to advise us adequately in order to choose the best material according to the needs. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from professionals or amateurs.
Green Drapery

An open curtain, discreetly enriches the decoration of an environment, because thanks to its delicate sheets allows to appreciate a beautiful view of a garden or a beautiful landscape. On the other hand, a closed curtain, unfolded along the entire length of the bar, protects the interior and adds color to the space.

There is no excuse for not looking for a good set of Drapery for the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom since its benefits are abundant and from the decorative point of view they constitute a great contribution.

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