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A curtain is a piece of cloth whose purpose is to reduce the presence of an opening. It can dim the light. Curtains are often hung inside the window (window cover) or door of a building to block the passage of light, for example during the night to facilitate sleep, or to prevent others from seeing in, often for privacy reasons.

Many fabrics, shapes, sizes, and colors of curtains exist, and they often have their own department store department, with a few stores that only sell curtains. In warmer areas, wooden shutters are sometimes used instead of curtains, the best insulation of wood to keep rooms cool.

The curtains also provide visual separation in situations like performance art, in which the actors make their final preparations for the show behind the curtain while the spectators wait in front. Usually, the curtain opens when the show starts and closes during breaks or the end of the performance.

It can also serve as a separation between two rooms in interior design, or hide unsightly objects (electricity meter, door, etc.). The shower curtain, often made of plastic or vinyl, prevents water from spilling into the bathroom and preserves privacy.


The curtain can be divided into several categories: Japanese curtains, double curtains, boat blinds ... They are then a matter of craftsmanship due to the technical nature. The particular manufacture of the heads (eyelets, folds upholsterers, ...) offer an original finish for the decor.

Religious significance

The curtain played a special role in the Jewish and Christian histories. A curtain separated the holy place reserved for priests from the "Holy of Holies" in the Temple of Jerusalem, reserved for the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 26: 31-33). Even today, especially in the Eastern Orthodox Churches (churches of the three councils), use a curtain to separate the Sanctuary from the rest of the assembly at certain times of the Divine Liturgy.

In the New Testament

Ev. from Matthew 27, 50-51

(50) But Jesus, shouting again with a loud voice, gave up the spirit. (51) And behold, the veil of the sanctuary was torn in two from top to bottom; the earth trembled, the rocks cracked;

Ev. of Luke 23, 45-46

(45) the sun having disappeared. Then the veil of the sanctuary was torn in the middle; (46) Jesus uttered a loud cry; He said, "Father, into your hands, I put my spirit back." And with these words he expired.

Ev. from Mark 15, 37-38

(37) But when he cried out, Jesus died. (38) And the veil of the sanctuary was torn in two from top to bottom.

The Ev. John does not mention the curtain of the temple.

In apocryphal texts

Ev. from Peter 5, 19-20

(19) And the Lord cried, saying, "O my strength! O force! You abandoned me. And after speaking, he was raised. (20) And at the same moment the veil of the Temple of Jerusalem was torn in two.

The tear of the curtain is always related to the liabilities. This passive is called divine passive by the exegetes to signify that the authors do not name the actor but designate it hollow: it is about God. Moreover, if we consider the tear more precisely, it is "up and down", an additional clue left by the authors to say that a man could not tear the curtain thus.

Composition of fabrics used for curtains

The composition of a fabric for the curtains indicates the percentage of threads used during its assembly1. There are three types of fibers essentially:

artificial fiber: textile fiber from natural polymers (viscose, acetate)

natural fiber: silk, wool, cotton, linen ...

synthetic fiber: textile fiber obtained from essentially petroleum-derived polymers (acrylic, polyamide, etc.)

Curtain is the window cloth that hinders the passage of light.

Normally the thickness of the window curtain influences the clarity.

There are various types of curtains. These can be fastened on rails or in tubes of iron, wood and other materials, with rings, eyelets or with the own fabric.

Among the various types of curtains, the most traditional are those that have two bands of equal or different sizes that, pulled, are in the middle of the window.

To "dampen" the clarity you can use a fabric called black-out that helps darken the environment.

Another widely used model of curtains are the so-called "Roman" ones. It is a blind type curtain that rises up to the ceiling in buds, when pulling a rope on the side.

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