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  • Wallpapers trends 2023 II

    Wallpapers trends 2023 II

    Wallpapers trends 2023 II


    Large-scale prints

    2023 is the year to add a statement, with large scale prints and eye-catching murals expected to be everywhere.

    Interior designer Shanade McAllister-Fisher explains: ‘Prints that are large and loud will be at the forefront of 2023 interiors as we move away from minimalism and towards more bold maximalism-inspired trends – think eye-catching, large-scale colours and prints like geometric patterns, abstract paint strokes or moody florals.

    ‘These add both colour and dimension to a room but also create a bold impact that paint alone can’t achieve – place on statement walls or in alcoves to transform a living space with minimal effort.’

    Tropical and botanical prints

    Inspired by nature, this trend is all about bringing the outside in. Think beautiful palm leaves, tropical birds and flowers, all of which offer escapism and can help to create a sensory journey. Much like with the large scale prints trend, these botanical patterns are of a larger scale too, so big blousy floral designs will work perfectly here.

    Wallpaper in unexpected places

    Using wallpaper creatively will really come into its own for 2023: from papering inside bookshelves and cupboards to adding some visual interest to otherwise plain furniture, as well as lining drawers, wardrobe panels and the front facings of staircases.

    This also includes pasting wallpaper to the fifth wall, aka, the ceiling. ‘Whether it’s just for some added texture or a full mural print adding interest when you look up’, papering our ceilings will increase in popularity in 2023, according to Sara Miller, Interior Designer and founder of Sara Miller London.

    Wallpapering the ceiling is also a great way to carry over certain style choices without being too overwhelming. ‘Use patterned wallpaper to add fun prints that won’t fit in anywhere else, or opt for a lighter colour wallpaper with a slight sheen to help brighten up gloomy rooms,’ says London-based interior designer, Rudolph Diesel.

    You can even repurpose wallpaper as a table runner for special occasions, says Helen Ashmore, Head of Design at Laura Ashley. ‘Rather than buying a new tablecloth for the occasion, combine fabric with some leftover wallpaper, tapping into the pattern layering trend. This is a creative and colourful sustainable tip that will leave guests inspired,’ she suggests.


    Source: housebeautiful .com