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  • Top 5 Curtains trends for 2022

    Top 5 Curtains trends for 2022

    Top 5 Curtains trends for 2022

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    In the general interior trends for 2022, great attention is paid to curtains.

    Summer is just around the corner and there’s no better time to welcome a new season than with a few décor changes.

    If we have a limited budget and want to avoid extra work, the easiest way to spruce up our home is with some curtains, blinds and fabric changes for an expected holiday spirit. Here the trends in curtains for this summer and be more updated in interior decoration.

    Colors for an extra touch

    For a sweeping interior design change, we’ve got the bright and bold prints on hand that are back in fashion this season. Large prints in yellow, mustard or even cool indigo tones create a perfect summer look to complete the atmosphere. We can dress the rooms in a simple way and go in style with patterns on curtains or blinds with different fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton in the living room.

    Sheer and shiny curtains

    If we want to add more subtle touches to the living room, we can add transparent curtains with a neutral base and a bright red or orange applique to give a fun note. The translucent fabric ensures plenty of light and the prints and design embody the summer season in our home.

    Fresh atmospheres with summer colors

    The easiest way to change up a setting, especially if you have a neutral-colored room décor, is to add bold and bright shades of orange and red curtain. Different layers and shades of the same color can be added to add volume and amplify the festive we look forward to this summer.

    Bouclé fabrics

    Perhaps the time has come to ignore the minimalist style by adopting the maximalist trend for this summer season with the Bouclé fabric. The fabric is made of cotton or thread and is mixed with a metallic thread such as silver or gold or with natural thread. A pause from minimalism and to achieve more daring environments in this summer 2021.

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